Sequitur is an imageboard hosted on Neocities. This site went live on 9/17/2022 and is being actively updated and maintained.

Before you leave this site, post a message an a board. This imageboard is fully functional and anyone can post, no account or anything needed. Your name will remain anonymous by default unless you choose to identify yourself.

Posting supports:

  • Images (static, not animated).
  • Italics (<i>Italic text here</i>).
  • Bold (<b>Bold text here</b>).
  • Underline (<u>Underlined text here</u>).
  • Greentext (>Greentext here).
  • Saging. To sage a post, the very first line of your post must be "sage" (without quotes).


  1. Don't be too much of a dick.
  2. Don't spam. Stick to board topics.
  3. Don't post porn.
  4. Don't post anything that's illegal in the United States.

That's it for now. Nothing too complicated.